What to expect?

What to expect?


You’ll have a one-on-one video conference with Dr. Bergman D.C. during which you can ask him any health-related questions and concerns you have. Dr. Bergman D.C. will work with you to create your own personal health strategy outline and help you discover the amazing healing potential of your body. He will first determine the real background of your health issues based on the interview during the first part of your consultation and you will be given all the necessary tools to get over your health problems.

Describe your case

When you book online consultations with Dr. Bergman D.C. you’ll be taken to the last page of the sign-up form, where you’ll be asked to describe your case with all the symptoms you’re experiencing and have a chance to upload any test results and photos. Dr. Bergman D.C. will then carefully review your case and share with you his thoughts during the consultations. He may ask you to clarify certain symptoms and ask more specifically about your medical history, lifestyle, possible traumas, etc. in order to determine the real cause of your health issue.

During your consultation Dr. Bergman D.C. will:

1) Carefully review any relevant blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, etc., and explain them in easy-to-understand terms.
2) Create easy, actionable steps to get you on the road to health
3) Send you additional materials to help you stay on track
4) Provide you with a lot of useful information about supplements, types of therapy, and tools you can use to get healthy

Note: None of the information provided by Dr. Bergman D.C. during his consultations is sponsored in any way – you only get real, genuine information. Any brand names of supplements and tools that may come up during your consult are purely a result of Dr. Bergman’s D.C. personal research and years of experience treating his patients.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Once you schedule your consultation with Dr. Bergman D.C. you’ll receive an email with the URL link to join your meeting and your Personal Meeting ID. All you have to do is to click on the link and install Zoom on your device. Next, when you click the link to join your meeting the app automatically launches and you will find yourself in a virtual chat room with Dr. Bergman D.C. You can record your video conference to review your consultation later. If you prefer to have a phone consultation – it’s fine too! Check your confirmation email and the Walkthrough page for detailed instructions.

Walkthrough the process

To make the whole experience even easier for you we created a Walkthrough page where you can see exactly every step of the way from scheduling your consultations to chatting with Dr. Bergman D.C. Don’t forget to watch our instructional video and enjoy your consultation with Dr. Bergman D.C.!

And this is how Zoom works*:

*This is just a short generic video, your confirmation email will be more personalized and it will include a step by step instructions.

Price online consultations

Depending on your needs Dr. Bergman D.C. is currently offering 30 and 60 minutes online consultations. You can also purchase a consultation time as a gift for someone you care about. They’ll receive a gift certificate with a code to use within 1 year from the date of purchase. It is possible to redeem a 60 min gift certificate as two 30 minutes separate consults.

30 MIN

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60 MIN

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