I Bruce N. give this testimonial out of pride and knowledge that your expertise of restoring my body to its natural healing process has begun in earnest. I have had only two weeks of treatment of my spine and I have been able to stops completely my need to ingest 60 milligrams of oxycodone each day of the week. What a relief I’m experiencing and true feeling of hope for my future!!!

Bruce N.

Dr. Bergman truly took my pain to heart (something I had never experienced before). So, I decided to literally put myself into his knowledgeable and compassionate hands.Within days I was waking up without headaches!!!! I just can’t believe it, Was this real? Indeed it is. For the first time in 22 years, I have not needed to visit the nightmare of an emergency room.I am thrilled beyond belief!!!!Dr. Bergman and chiropractic have changed my life; this truly, truly is the miracle I have been waiting for.


I had always been skeptical about Chiropractic, I decided to give Dr. Bergman a try, after 3 months of Chiropractic treatment, I was no longer in chronic pain. After 8 months of treatment I had a pain free golf swing and won my golf club championship. I am now a firm believer in the ability of Chiropractic to treat spinal injuries.

Dena Atkins

When I first saw Dr. Bergman I was sceptical but figured, “What do I have to lose?”. First of all, I was very impressed that he did not even try to adjust me until he had taken a full set of back and neck x-rays to identify the sources of my pain. Once he started his adjustments, my headaches were gone within 2 weeks! The knot in my shoulder blade was also subsiding. The severe degree of curvature in my spine shocked me but my latest x-rays show incredible improvement from his spinal reshaping techniques…more than I had ever imagined…


Compassion, Respect, Commitment, Education & Healing. This is what all of Dr. Bergman’s patients receive on a regular basis and what makes him unique and exceptional in his field of chiropractics. For 21 years I sought relief for my back pain, visiting several doctors and chiropractors with temporary or no results. Then, two years ago I was referred to Dr. B. and because of him I have been pain free for over a year with plenty more pain free years to look forward to.

Stephani S

My life has significantly changed and improved for the better since seeing Dr. Bergman on a regular basis. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for four years with no success.Within one month, we conceived and sustained our pregnancy and now have a very happy six month old son in our lives.


Within three months, my neck and shoulder pain vanished and has not returned since; this helps me carry my new son very enthusiastically. I am so thankful to have Dr. Bergman in our lives. He is a wonderful person and his holistic approach is so valuable.


I am a hyper workaholic Italian with more time to live with pain then sit in a waiting room for potential help. Your unique program of “quick in and out” fits my schedule very nicely. No wasted time, just a few moments and i am back at work. I had been living with a pain of 9.5 on a scale of 10 for years. 8 days later I would have to say a 0 for pain and a 2 for “stiffness and less movement” then the good hand.

Robert Scaccianoce

Before coming to see Dr. Bergman in April 1, 2007, I was in constant pain and suffering from extreme fatigue. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002 and degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower spine. Since coming to Dr. Bergman on a regular basis, I am off all six medications and have no longer needed the injections in my neck and spine for pain management. I have more energy and virtually no pain. What a blessing it is to have been introduced to Dr. Bergman.

Dawn Elliot

I wanted to write and thank you Dr. Bergman, for your knowledge, your generousity, your kindness and for going out of your way to help my son when you didn’t have to. Thank you a million times over. You are an amazing doctor and now, I too, sing your praises.

Kathi Gallup

Dr. Bergman is a God-send! Before coming to him I had daily headaches and had a persistent knot in my shoulder blade that made any kind of desk work painful. Once he started his adjustments, my headaches were gone within 2 weeks! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Bergman for how he has improved my quality of life!


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