For general spine health there are 4 basic exercises that will encourage faster recovery and proper bio-mechanics of the spine. There are many more exercises I give to my patients depending on their case, however, these are basic ones that everyone should be doing on a daily basis.

The Neck Curve Exercise:

pulling down on the lower neck while looking straight above you with a foam tube and straps (my Thera curve) or something similar. (10 of these, at least 3 times daily)

The Twisting Exercise:

Take a wide stance, clasp your fingers together in front of your chest and twist from side to side so that you end up looking behind you with each twist, but keep your feet planted firmly. (50 full twists a day)

The Cobra Stretch:

Lay face down on the floor and while keeping your pelvis touching the floor do a push up. As you come up, raise your eyes above you and as you come down look below you. (10 of these, 3 times daily)

Pelvic Stabilization:

Walk for at least 20 minutes a day with a trochanter support. 20 minutes is usually the maximum time to you can comfortably have this belt on, however, you can repeat the 20 minute walk, 3 times a day to get increase benefit. I recommend the trochanter support from Body Sport and it’s called a Trochanter belt. This is by far the best pelvic stability exercise.

Here’s a link to the trochanter belt that I use and recommend:

Hip Stabilization:

Another exercise for hip stability is that sitting backwards in the chair exercise we talked about. If you don’t have a chair that you can sit backwards in you can sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs out as wide as you can. You should do this for 20 minutes at a time and at least 3 times daily. This exercise is great if you’re sitting in a chair for long periods of time.