Everyone has an opinion about this subject and you’re entitled to do whatever you want. I will say that humans have been eating meat for thousands of years and perhaps even since the beginning of our existence depending on the scientific evidence you look at. The simple facts are that some ecosystems don’t support a vegan diet and some cultures eat primarily meat. I just want those people to eat high quality, healthy meat and nobody has the right to tell these cultures they’ve been doing it wrong for thousands of years. I don’t agree with the concept of factory farms because of their terrible treatment of animals and this is where the vast majority of our meat is currently coming from. The idea that Billions of people are going to stop eating meat because you have a different opinion is ridiculous. A better way of changing the system is by encouraging proper treatment of animals and provide a healthy environment for them, so that those who eat meat can be healthier themselves.

Meat and the Healing Process

If you’re trying to heal your body it’s best to avoid all meats and focus on consuming an organic plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats. The reason you want to avoid even healthy organic meat during the healing process is because all meat produces an inflammatory process which can disrupt any healing processes. If you’re already optimally healthy then it would be fine to consume meat occasionally such as once a week because they are some benefits to consuming meat.

Organic Diet Explained

I recommend an organic plant based diet which consists of at least 70% raw organic fruits and veggies. The best option would be to juice your vegetables and blend fruits to get those raw nutrients and enzymes. As for the other 30% you incorporate cooked vegetables, grains, meats, dairy, etc as long as you’re only consuming high quality organic food. If you’re in the process of healing your body then I’d recommend avoid grains, meat, and processed sugar because these can hinder the healing process, however, they won’t negatively affect a healthy person when consumed in moderation.

Here’s a video that explains how certain foods can heal the body: