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Dr. Bergman D. C. has got his own Supplement Brand and you can buy them on this site:

It’s important to keep in mind that supplements aren’t actually that vital to the healing process. The only reason I recommend supplements is because in some cases it’s extremely difficult to get all the nutrients your body requires just from food. The best option would be to invest in high-quality organically grown food in addition to making the proper lifestyle changes and getting proper chiropractic care. I’ve been asked a lot lately about the specific supplements I use and recommend to my patients.
I’m not able to answer all the messages personally anymore due to a busy schedule and upcoming projects but I made a list of some of the supplements I like. Some of them may contain affiliate links which means I get a small commission from recommending them. Here is our full affiliate disclosure. All the supplements listed here are actual products I personally use and recommend to my patients with or without the affiliate links and I strongly believe in their benefits.

Dr. Bergman D. C. has got his own Supplement Brand and you can buy them on this site:

Health-related devices
These home phototherapy devices are an excellent source of natural Vit. D supplementation, especially during winter months. My family has been using the e-series panel for over a year now with great results. Indications for use: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema.
USE CODE: drjohnbergman at the check out for a 5% discount on all devices.
Note: SolRx devices are Class-2 medical devices and any sales to private individuals in the USA require a doctor’s prescription/recommendation available for download on their website (doctors of Chiropractic can also sign these forms for their patients).

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