Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I contact Dr. Bergman D.C.?









Due to a busy schedule and a significant increase of daily received messages Dr. Bergman D.C. is no longer able to read and reply to all his private messages. In exchange for personal messaging with Dr. B, we created a Disease Database – a constantly expanding source of information based on Dr. Bergman’s D.C. knowledge and expertise. If you still need to contact him directly you can do it by scheduling online consultations.




What are Dr. Bergman’s D.C. qualifications and areas of expertise?




Dr. Bergman D.C. is a board-certified chiropractor who received his doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College one of the leading chiropractic schools in the country. Once he graduated he taught anatomy, physiology, and chiropractic techniques for 8 years and he is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. In addition to maintaining a successful practice for 20 years, Dr. Bergman D.C. has spent the majority of his time researching the most effective methods of natural healing. He’s developed extremely effective chiropractic techniques to reshape the structure of the spine and restore normal biomechanics, that when combined with natural healing methods can reverse many diseases by correcting underlying problems and stimulating the proper function of the organ systems. He has also written 11 books and he’s constantly traveling around the world to teach doctors and the general public about the human body and natural healing.




Where is Dr. Bergman's D.C. office (clinic) located?






Dr. Bergman’s D.C. clinics are located in Huntington Beach, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. We’re always accepting new patients.  All you need to do is call the office and schedule an appointment to go through our new patient process which includes an exam, x-rays, a report of findings, and your first adjustment.  After going through our new patient process Dr. Bergman D.C. will be able to tell you how quickly we can get you back to an optimal state of health.


Here are the websites and contact info:

Huntington Beach Clinic

Tijuana Clinic






Do you have any other clinics in the country or around the world?




Currently, Dr. Bergman D.C. has 2 clinics. One in Huntington Beach, California, and one in Tijuana, Mexico. If you don’t live in the area and you’re interested in traveling to his clinic, we have special treatment protocols to get you healthy as quickly as possible.  There are many patients that fly in from around the world to Dr. B’s office. He treats these patients very intensively for however long they can stay whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 months and we see fantastic results in a very short time with this method.



I don’t live near your clinic, can you still treat me?




If you can make it to the clinic in Huntington Beach, California, or Tijuana Clinic, Mexico, Dr. Bergman D.C. will be able to treat you personally and get your body functioning optimally again.  We’ve had many patients travel from around the world to get treatment and they’ve all had amazing results.

Generally, it takes about 90 days to get the corrections in the spine and nervous system your body needs to heal and function properly, however, we can condense the length of treatment into a couple weeks by increasing the frequency of treatments.  For example, in 90 days we would normally do 3-4 treatments per week, but for our long distance patients we would do 3-4 treatments per day.  With these special treatment protocols we see amazing results in a very short amount of time.  By addressing the true cause and not treating the symptoms, the medications that you have been prescribed may not be needed. We will show you how to monitor your health so that your doctor that prescribed your medications can adjust your dosage or even in some cases eliminate those medications that are not necessary.

As for accommodation during your stay, places range from $100 to $400 per night at a hotel or you may find a deal at www.airbnb.com.  When you know the exact dates that you’ll be coming you can give our office a call and we might be able to arrange more affordable accommodation for you with one of our contacts in the area.

For all the long distance patients we always suggest an optional online consultation with Dr. Bergman D.C. before you make the journey over to the clinic so you can discuss the details of your case and treatment protocols.  Another benefit of the online consultation is that Dr. Bergman D.C. can give you specific exercises to start correcting the structural/biomechanical problems in the spine as well as a list of proper diet and lifestyle changes you can start implementing now to start healing the body immediately.

To schedule an online consultation you can go to Schedule Consultations Page.

After you get treatment at our clinic we’ll have corrected the structural and biomechanical issues in your spine so if you can find a decent chiropractor in your area to continue care to maintain these structural changes that would be great.  Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to maintain those structural changes and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing.

Use the 7 questions in this video to find the best possible chiropractor in your area: 7 questions to ask your chiropractor




What supplements does Dr. Bergman D.C. recommend?








Dr. Bergman D. C. has got his own Supplement Brand and you can buy them on this site:


Note from Dr. B.:

It’s important to keep in mind that supplements won’t replace organically grown, fresh foods.  The only reason I recommend supplements is because it’s extremely difficult to get all the nutrients your body requires just from food.  The best option would be to invest in high-quality organically grown food in addition to making the proper lifestyle changes and getting proper chiropractic care.

So if you’re getting proper daily sun exposure you don’t need to take a vitamin D3 supplement.  If you’re consuming plenty of vitamin C-rich food you don’t need to take a vitamin C supplement.  If you’re consuming healthy wild-caught fish like sardines, mackerel, or anchovies you don’t need to take an omega-3 supplement.  If you’re consuming sea vegetables like kelp you don’t need iodine supplements.  Chlorella and Spirulina are just fantastic superfoods that you’ll want to always include in your diet.  And if you have a diet rich with minerals you don’t need to take a mineral/amino acid supplement.

With that being said, the supplement brands that I recommend include Body Balance from Life Force, Lugol’s Iodine from Ancient Purities, Spirulina and Chlorella from the Naturalnews.com store, Fish Oil from Biopharma, Vitamin C from Ester C, and vitamin D3 from Best.  For any other supplements, I recommend searching through mercola.com and naturalnews.com because they’ve done extensive research on the supplements they offer and you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality.

These are the supplements that I currently use and recommend to my patients, but keep in mind that I’m always researching and trying out different brands so this list might look very different a year from now.







What chiropractic techniques does Dr. Bergman D.C. utilize?







Note from Dr. B:

Every chiropractor is different, unfortunately.  There are over 200 different techniques and many of them aren’t very effective and don’t correct the problems of the spine.  The techniques I use in my office are extremely unique and designed specifically to correct the structure of the spine and restore nerve flow throughout the body.  Less than 10% of chiropractors in the world do what I do. But the good chiropractors are out there and it’s really worth taking time to do your research before you sign up for chiropractic care.

For every patient I treat, I take x-rays of the entire spine, analyze what structural problems are present, analyze your medical history, examine your spine and treat you accordingly based on my findings.  Generally, in 90 days I’ll take post-x-rays to verify that we’re making the proper changes in your spine.  Usually, people are out of pain in less than a week and we start seeing massive structural changes within 90 days depending on the case.  In addition to adjusting, I give all my patients exercises based on their treatments.




What is a Nervous System Check?




Note from Dr. B.:

When I say “nervous system check” or “proper nerve supply” I’m referring to going to an experienced chiropractor in your area where that doctor will analyze your spine and nervous system with x-rays, an exam, and perhaps even a surface EMG (electromyography) which measures the electrical activity of your paraspinal muscles. A corrective chiropractor will analyze your spine and nervous system… identify the underlying problems that are producing your symptoms… And fix those problems through proper chiropractic techniques that will reshape the structure of the spine, reverse degeneration, and get you back to a healthy life. Here’s a video that’ll help you find a corrective chiropractor near you:



How do I find a Good Chiropractor?



You can use these 7 questions to find the best possible chiropractor in your area. If they answer at least 5 with a YES, then you can be sure you’ve found a decent chiropractor.

  1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
  2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
  3. Do you take post-x-rays to document structural changes made?
  4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
  5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
  6. Do you work on post-surgical patients?
  7. Can you reverse arthritis?



Can Dr. Bergman D.C. train my chiropractor?




If you can find a chiropractor in your area, but they aren’t producing any results, I can help train and teach this doctor my methods of treatment which are extremely effective.  I’ve trained hundreds of doctors over the years and I taught chiropractic techniques for 8 years at Cleveland Chiropractic College.  I have training videos available on Youtube and I can skype with them to discuss treatment protocols and techniques in detail.  So if your doctor is open and willing to learn I’m available to teach them everything I know about healing.




What is a Corrective Chiropractor?




There are over 200 different techniques that chiropractors can specialize in and many of them are ineffective for correcting the underlying problems in the spine and nervous system that cause illness and disease.  The term “Corrective Chiropractic” is used for chiropractors that are focused on reshaping the structure of the spine, restoring normal biomechanics, and stimulating the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.  There are very few chiropractors that practice corrective techniques so choose wisely when looking for a chiropractor in your area.



What’s the difference between Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Naturopaths?



Chiropractic is the largest natural healthcare profession that utilizes specific techniques to move joints to their para-physiological range of motion to restore proper motion and stimulate the nervous system.  Corrective chiropractors are a small group of chiropractors (less than 10%)  that are focused on reshaping the structure of the spine, restoring normal biomechanics, and stimulating the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.

Naturopathic doctors utilize dietary and lifestyle changes along with homeopathy remedies including supplements, plant extracts, and herbal remedies to heal the body naturally.

Osteopathic Doctors prescribe medications and physical therapies similar to the method that medical doctors treat their patients, however, a small percentage of D.O.’s actually utilized techniques similar to chiropractic to manipulate the spine.